Build and Deploy Machine Learning Solutions on Vertex AI

Build and Deploy Machine Learning Solutions on Vertex AI

8 hours 15 minutes Intermediate universal_currency_alt 21 Credits
Earn a skill badge by completing the Build and Deploy Machine Learning Solutions with Vertex AI course, where you will learn how to use Google Cloud's unified Vertex AI platform and its AutoML and custom training services to train, evaluate, tune, explain, and deploy machine learning solutions.

This skill badge course is for professional Data Scientists and Machine Learning Engineers. The datasets and labs are built around high business impact enterprise machine learning use cases; these include retail customer lifetime value prediction, mobile game churn prediction, visual car part defection identification, and fine tuning BERT for review sentiment classification. Learners who complete this skill badge will gain hands-on experience with Vertex AI for new and existing ML workloads and be able to leverage AutoML, custom training, and new MLOps services to significantly enhance development productivity and accelerate time to value.

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Course Info
  • Write and train models locally in a hosted Vertex Notebook
  • Containerize your training code and push it to Google Cloud Artifact Registry
  • Create managed image dataset artifacts for experiment tracking
  • Train a BigQuery ML (BQML) XGBoost classifier
  • Trigger a training job using the Vertex AI Console
  • Create a custom model evaluation component using the KFP SDK
  • Incorporate pre-built KFP components into your pipeline
  • Deploy your trained models to a Vertex Endpoint for online predictions
  • Query your model for online predictions and explanations
Prior to enrolling in this skill badge course, it is recommended that you have prior experience with Python programming as covered in the Google Python Class and that you complete the Machine Learning Crash Course. See the Google Cloud Tech AI Simplified video series for an overview of Vertex AI.
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