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Frequently asked questions

What is Cloud Skills Boost?


Cloud Skills Boost is Google's platform that offers on-demand training and skill development in Google Cloud technologies.

What are Hands-on-labs?


Hands-on-labs give you direct practical experience as you learn by doing.

What is a Google Cloud Certificate?


Google Cloud Certificates prepare learners for entry-level roles in cloud in the areas of data analytics and cybersecurity. In addition to acquiring hard technical skills, learners can practice interviewing with AI driven insights, and stand out to cloud employers seeking entry-level cloud talent with a shareable digital credential.

Learn more about Cloud Certificates here!

How do I get access to the Google Cloud Certificates?


Learners can preview the certificates at no cost on YouTube. To earn the certificate credential, purchase a $29US/month subscription to Google Cloud Skills Boost and complete the series of courses in the learning path. The monthly subscription also grants access to all courses and hands-on labs in the Google Cloud Skills Boost catalog.

For higher education and government or non-profit workforce development programs, check out the Google Cloud Career Launchpad Google Cloud Career Launchpad program that provides no cost, instructor-facilitated access to these certificates and more.