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VM Migration

6 hours Intermediate universal_currency_alt 17 Credits
Google Cloud’s four step structured Cloud Migration Path Methodology provides a defined and repeatable path for users to follow when migrating and modernizing Virtual Machines. In this quest, you will get hands-on practice with Google’s current solution set for VM assessment, planning, migration, and modernization. You will start by analyzing your lab environment and building assessment reports with CloudPhysics and StratoZone, then build a landing zone within Google Cloud leveraging Terraform’s infrastructure-as-code templates, next you will manually transform a two-tier application into a cloud-native workload running on Kubernetes, and finally, transform a VM workload into Kubernetes with Migrate for Anthos and migrate a VM between cloud environments.
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  • Lab

    VM Migration: Introduction to StratoZone Assessments

    In this lab you'll learn how to assess an IT environment with StratoZone's scalable discovery.

  • Lab

    warning VM Migration: Planning

    This lab provides a high level overview of the Google Cloud Adoption Framework and then deep dives into how to automate environment setup and deployments on GCP.

  • Lab

    Migrate to Containers: Qwik Start

    In this lab you'll use Migrate to Containers to migrate a Compute Engine VM instance to a corresonding container image hosted in a Kubernetes pod.

  • Lab

    Migrate to Containers: Windows

    In this lab you will use Migrate to Containers to migrate a Compute Engine VM running a Windows image into a Kubernetes Cluster using a processing cluster.

  • Lab

    warning Migrate for Compute Engine

    Use Migrate for Compute Engine to migrate an EC2 instance from AWS to Compute Engine on Google Cloud and verify the migration

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    Students enrolling in this Quest should have taken the labs in the Google Cloud Essentials Quest.
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    English, Deutsch, 日本語, español (Latinoamérica), français, and português (Brasil)
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