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Intermediate ML: TensorFlow on Google Cloud

5 hours Introductory universal_currency_alt 8 Credits
TensorFlow is an open source software library for high performance numerical computation that's great for writing models that can train and run on platforms ranging from your laptop to a fleet of servers in the Cloud to an edge device. This quest takes you beyond the basics of using predefined models and teaches you how to build, train and deploy your own on Google Cloud.
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  • Lab

    TensorFlow: Qwik Start

    In this lab, you learn the basic ‘Hello World' of machine learning. Instead of programming explicit rules in a language such as Java or C++, you build a system that is trained on data to infer the rules that determine a relationship between numbers.

  • Lab

    Vertex AI Workbench Notebook: Qwik Start

    In this lab you train and deploy a TensorFlow model to Vertex AI for serving (prediction). Watch these short videos Getting started with Notebooks for machine learning and Faster model training and experimentation with Vertex AI.

  • Lab

    Classify Images of Cats and Dogs using Transfer Learning

    In this lab, you will learn how to classify images of cats and dogs by using transfer learning from a pre-trained network.

  • Lab

    Running Distributed TensorFlow using Vertex AI

    In this lab, you will use TensorFlow's distribution strategies and the Vertex AI platform to train and deploy a custom TensorFlow image classification model to classify an image classification dataset.

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