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Cloud SQL

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Cloud SQL is a fully managed database service that stands out from its peers due to high performance, seamless integration, and impressive scalability. In this quest you will receive hands-on practice with the basics of Cloud SQL and quickly progress to advanced features, which you will apply to production frameworks and application environments. From creating instances and querying data with SQL, to building Deployment Manager scripts and connecting Cloud SQL instances with applications run on GKE containers, this quest will give you the knowledge and experience needed so you can start integrating this service right away.
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    BigQuery 및 Cloud SQL용 SQL 소개

    이 실습에서는 기본적인 SQL 절을 학습하고 BigQuery 및 Cloud SQL에서 구조화된 쿼리를 실행하는 연습을 진행합니다.

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    Cloud SQL for MySQL: Qwik Start

    Create a Google Cloud SQL MySQL instance and perform SQL operations using Google Cloud Platform Console and mysql client. Watch this short video, Manage PostgreSQL and MySQL Databases Easily with Cloud SQL.


    Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL: Qwik Start

    Create a Google Cloud SQL PostgreSQL instance. Perform SQL operations using the GCP Console and the psql client.

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    Loading Data into Google Cloud SQL

    In this lab you will import data from CSV text files into Cloud SQL and then carry out some basic data analysis using simple queries.

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    Cloud SQL with Terraform

    In this hands-on lab you will learn to create Cloud SQL instances with Terraform, then set up the Cloud SQL Proxy, testing the connection with both MySQL and PostgreSQL clients.

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    Using Ruby on Rails with Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL on Cloud Run

    In this lab, you'll learn how to deploy a new Ruby on Rails application using Google Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL on Cloud Run.

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    API 탐색기: Cloud SQL

    이 실습에서는 API 탐색기 도구를 사용해 호출하면서 Cloud SQL API 및 연결된 메서드를 연습해 봅니다.

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    Connect to Cloud SQL from an Application in Kubernetes Engine

    This lab shows how easy it is to connect an application in Kubernetes Engine to a Cloud SQL instance using the Cloud SQL Proxy container as a sidecar container. You will deploy a Kubernetes Engine cluster and a Cloud SQL Postgres instance and use the Cloud SQL Proxy container to allow communication between them.

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    Although this quest will teach you the fundamentals of Cloud SQL, you will still need prior hands-on experience with the platform's core tools and services. It is recommended that you have earned at least the Badge for completing the GCP Essentials and/or the Baseline: Infrastructure Quest before beginning.
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