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Networking Fundamentals in Google Cloud

4 hours Introductory universal_currency_alt 12 Credits
Networking is a principle theme of cloud computing. It’s the underlying structure of Google Cloud, and it’s what connects all your resources and services to one another. This quest will cover essential Google Cloud networking services and will give you hands-on practice with specialized tools for developing mature networks. From learning the ins-and-outs of VPCs, to creating enterprise-grade load balancers, Networking Fundamentals in the Google Cloud will give you the practical experience needed so you can start building robust networks right away.
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  • Lab

    VPC Networking Fundamentals

    In this lab, you create an auto-mode VPC network with firewall rules and 2 VM instances. Then, you explore the connectivity for the VM instances.

  • Lab

    HTTP Load Balancer with Cloud Armor

    Configure an HTTP Load Balancer with global backends, stress test the Load Balancer, and denylist the stress test IP with Cloud Armor.

  • Lab

    Create an Internal Load Balancer

    In this lab, you create two managed instance groups in the same region. Then, you configure an Internal Load Balancer with the instances groups as the backends.

  • Lab

    Automating the Deployment of Networks with Terraform

    In this lab, you create a Terraform configuration with a module to automate the deployment of a custom network with resources.

  • info
    Quest Info
    The labs in this quest will teach you networking basics and advanced features incrementally, but hands-on experience with Google Cloud’s core computing and infrastructure services is required before beginning. It is recommended that the students have at least earned a badge by completing the hands-on labs in the Google Cloud Essentials quest.
    Available languages
    English, 日本語, français, español (Latinoamérica), and português (Brasil)
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    After finishing this quest, you can explore additional content in your learning path or browse the learning catalog.
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    Upon finishing a quest, you will earn a badge of completion. Some quests test your ability to apply your knowledge via a final assessment challenge lab. For these quests, you will receive a skill badge. Badges can be viewed on your profile and shared with your social network.