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Flutter Development

6 hours Introductory universal_currency_alt 5 Credits
Explore the fundamentals of Flutter application development in this hands-on quest! Within this quest, you will build a "Hello World" Flutter application, design a frontend for a shopping application, and learn how to connect your Flutter applications to backend services. Each lab in this quest utilizes a pre-provisioned development environment allowing minimal setup to get into the application code! Be sure to tag #flutterfestival in your social posts!
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  • Lab

    Getting started with Flutter Development

    Build and edit a Hello World Flutter application using a Code Server development enviornment.

  • Lab

    Flutter Startup Namer

    This lab walks you through writing your first Flutter app compatible for Android, iOS, and web.

  • Lab

    Material Components for Flutter Basics

    Design a basic frontend for a mobile app using Material Components for Flutter.

  • Lab

    Flutter Web and Firebase Authentication

    This lab demonstrates how to use Firebase Web authentication in a Flutter application.

  • Lab

    Dart Functions Framework

    Explore using Dart Function Frameworks in a Flutter application. Example based on this demo.

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