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Exploring Data with Looker

7時間 Introductory universal_currency_alt 無料
Earn a skill badge by completing the Exploring Data with Looker quest, where you will learn how to use the Explore interface to access data published by LookML developers. In this quest, you will learn fundamentals of data exploration in Looker including but not limited to dimensions and measures, filtering and pivoting, merging explores, and using advanced functions.

A skill badge is an exclusive digital badge issued by Google Cloud in recognition of your proficiency with Google Cloud products and services and tests your ability to apply your knowledge in an interactive hands-on environment. Complete this skill badge quest and the final assessment challenge lab to receive a skill badge that you can share with your network.

Exploring Data with Looker のバッジ


  • ラボ

    Looker Data Explorer - Qwik Start

    In this lab, you will create a series of visualizations from the Airports and Flights datasets and save them to a dashboard in Looker.

  • ラボ

    Filtering and Sorting Data in Looker

    In this lab, you will learn how to filter and sort data, and create looks with Looker.

  • ラボ

    Merging Results from Different Explores in Looker

    In this lab, you will merge results from different explores in Looker.

  • ラボ

    Creating a Looker Modeled Query and Working with Quick Start

    In this lab you will learn how to use the query parameter to create a modeled query for an Explore.

  • ラボ

    Looker Functions and Operators

    In this lab, you will learn how to use Looker to pivot dimensions, reorder columns, remove fields, and use table calculations.

  • ラボ

    Exploring Data with Looker: Challenge Lab

    In this lab, you will test your skills to view, filter, and sort data in Looker. You will also be expected to save Looks, add them to a dashboard, add them to a board, and schedule regular delivery of data.

  • info
    • Use Looker to validate a business problem or opportunity using data
    • Share data insight with your team
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