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Google Cloud's Operations Suite on GKE

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In this fundamental-level quest, you will learn the ins and outs of Google Cloud's operations suite running on Google Kubernetes Engine, an important service for generating insights into the health of your applications. It provides a wealth of information in application monitoring, report logging, and diagnoses. The labs in this quest will give you hands-on practice with and will teach you how to monitor virtual machines, generate logs and alerts, and create custom metrics for application data. It is recommended that the students have at least earned a Badge by completing the Google Cloud Essentials Quest. Additional lab experience with the labs in the Baseline - Infrastructure Quest will also be useful. Looking for a hands-on challenge lab to demonstrate your skills and validate your knowledge? On completing this quest, enroll in and finish the additional challenge lab at the end of this quest to receive an exclusive Google Cloud digital badge.
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    Cloud Operations for GKE

    In this lab you will set up Monitoring and visualizing metrics from a Kubernetes Engine cluster

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    Using Cloud Trace on Kubernetes Engine

    This lab deployings a Kubernetes Engine cluster, then a simple web application fronted by a load balancer is deployed to the cluster. The web app publishes messages provided by the user to a Cloud Pub/Sub topic. You will see the correlated telemetry data from HTTP requests to the app will be available in the Cloud Trace Console.

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    사이트 안정성 엔지니어용 GKE 워크로드 문제 해결

    Cloud 운영 샌드박스는 Cloud 운영(이전 명칭: Stackdriver) 제품군을 비롯한 Google Cloud Platform 서비스를 살펴볼 수 있도록 지원하는 중요한 애플리케이션을 간편하게 배포하고 실행할 수 있도록 고안되었습니다.

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    Debugging Apps on Google Kubernetes Engine

    This lab teaches you how logging works on GKE and some best practices for log collection by going through some common logging use cases.

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