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Applied Data: Blockchain

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Blockchain and related technologies, such as distributed ledger and distributed apps, are becoming new value drivers and solution priorities in many industries. In this Quest you will gain hands-on experience with distributed ledger and the exploration of blockchain datasets in Google Cloud. This Quest brings the research and solution work of Google's Allen Day into self-paced labs for you to run and learn directly. Since this Quest utilizes advanced SQL in BigQuery, a SQL-in-BigQuery refresher lab is at the start. The final lab is an advanced challenge-style lab in which there are elements where you are not provided the answer but must solve it for yourself.
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  • Atelier

    Présentation de SQL pour BigQuery et Cloud SQL

    Dans cet atelier, vous allez apprendre à utiliser des clauses SQL fondamentales et vous entraîner à exécuter des requêtes structurées dans BigQuery et Cloud SQL.

  • Atelier

    Visualize the 10,000 Bitcoin Pizza Transaction Using BigQuery and Vertex AI Workbench

    In this lab you will use an Vertex AI Notebook instance to retrieve as many transactions as possible from BigQuery within 2 degrees of separation from the pizza exchange, post-process the transactions to remove excess transaction, then visualize the directed graph.

  • Atelier

    Tracking Cryptocurrency Exchange Trades with Google Cloud Platform in Real-Time

    In this lab you will use Google Cloud services to help graph trades, volume, and time delta from trade execution to see any patterns in the high volatility of the cryptocurrency market.

  • Atelier

    Exploring the Public Cryptocurrency Datasets Available in BigQuery

    In this hands-on lab you’ll learn how to use BigQuery to explore the cryptocurrency public datasets now available. This is a challange lab, and you are required to complete some simple SQL statements.

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    Previous work with SQL in BigQuery will be helpful but not necessary before trying these labs. Prior theoretical understanding of blockchain technologies will also be beneficial, but not required.
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