Creating and Alerting on Logs-based Metrics Reviews

Creating and Alerting on Logs-based Metrics Reviews

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אלכסנדר פ. · Reviewed حوالي ساعتان ago

Magido M. · Reviewed حوالي 17 ساعة ago

Carmine C. · Reviewed حوالي 20 ساعة ago

Don't put actionable tasks in the setup section

Vaidy G. · Reviewed حوالي 23 ساعة ago

Palagiri S. · Reviewed حوالي 24 ساعة ago

Carlos L. · Reviewed يوم واحد ago

Danil S. · Reviewed يوم واحد ago

Mahesh S. · Reviewed يوم واحد ago

Lalita L. · Reviewed يوم واحد ago

There where no steps to create a GKE cluster, as the instructions suggested. Since I knew how to do it, I created one myself. But it wouldn't have been as easy for people less familiar with GKE. Also, I couldn't create the alerting policy via the Loggin service, so I instead went via the Monitoring service. There where also instructions missing of what the threshold value should've been (if at all).

Jonas F. · Reviewed يوم واحد ago

Great Lab

Pulamathi S. · Reviewed يومان ago

Nguyen T. · Reviewed يومان ago

JInu G. · Reviewed يومان ago

Dmitry I. · Reviewed يومان ago

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