Introduction to Cloud Bigtable (Java) Reviews

Introduction to Cloud Bigtable (Java) Reviews

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Vaishnavi Prakash R. · Reviewed 3 months ago

The meat of the lab consisted of running a command to launch a prepared Java subroutine, which was show in part in the lab text. Without making our own changes, it doesn't impart much insight into the query design, when all it takes to "pass" is to run what's already handed to you (and not even that!).

Jason B. · Reviewed 3 months ago


Chanikya B. · Reviewed 4 months ago

Stefano B. · Reviewed 4 months ago

KHAIREDDINE M. · Reviewed 4 months ago

Kin L. · Reviewed 4 months ago

Venkata S. · Reviewed 5 months ago

Cebuc B. · Reviewed 5 months ago

Adam T. · Reviewed 6 months ago

The instructions need for the import need to be moved higher that it will take ~5 min. I didn't read that and ran it again after ~1 min and it kicked me out saying I wasn't following instructions. I'd like to also see what's happening in the table in the relevant sections for each one.

Hersha V. · Reviewed 6 months ago

Barkaat A. · Reviewed 6 months ago

Luis F. · Reviewed 6 months ago

Maksym H. · Reviewed 6 months ago

leant a couple of things on cbt, thanks.

Bikram S. · Reviewed 7 months ago

Immanuel E. · Reviewed 7 months ago


Malkeet S. · Reviewed 7 months ago

Ryszard B. · Reviewed 7 months ago

Haneul 2. · Reviewed 8 months ago

Mario H. · Reviewed 8 months ago

Jorge G. · Reviewed 8 months ago

Juan P. · Reviewed 8 months ago

really good, but you don't need to set the version to java11, the current java version works (17)

David J. · Reviewed 9 months ago

John H. · Reviewed 9 months ago

not working

Arun K. · Reviewed 10 months ago

Bohong C. · Reviewed 10 months ago

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