Joins と Unions によるデータ ウェアハウスの作成 のレビュー

Joins と Unions によるデータ ウェアハウスの作成 のレビュー

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Nice Lab

Yadav Anubhav · 1日前にレビュー済み

Unni Jayanthi · 1日前にレビュー済み

Adhikary Sayandip · 1日前にレビュー済み

Lab was mostly good, but the progress check for the joined tables wouldn't turn green even though I had created a table with the join. My best guess was that it was looking for a table with a specific name even though we were never provided with one.

Kvitky Jonathan · 1日前にレビュー済み

Some of the 'Check my progress' checks didn't work if I actually wrote the queries myself. So I would sometimes write the query, then have to copy the answer from the lab to get the checkmark to work.

McHenry Joshua · 1日前にレビュー済み

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