Monitor Environments with Google Cloud Managed Service for Prometheus: Challenge Lab

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Monitor Environments with Google Cloud Managed Service for Prometheus: Challenge Lab

1 hour 30 minutes 5 Credits


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In a challenge lab you’re given a scenario and a set of tasks. Instead of following step-by-step instructions, you will use the skills learned from the labs in the quest to figure out how to complete the tasks on your own! An automated scoring system (shown on this page) will provide feedback on whether you have completed your tasks correctly.

When you take a challenge lab, you will not be taught new Google Cloud concepts. You are expected to extend your learned skills, like changing default values and reading and researching error messages to fix your own mistakes.

To score 100% you must successfully complete all tasks within the time period!

This lab is recommended for students enrolled in the Monitor Environments with Google Cloud managed Service for Prometheus quest. Are you ready for the challenge?

Lab Objectives

In this lab, you will learn how to:

  • Deploy the Managed Service for Prometheus

  • Create a self managed data collection for scraping metrics

  • Deploy an application to query metrics


This lab is recommended for students who have completed labs GSP1025 (Migrate Existing Prometheus Monitoring Workloads to Google Cloud) and GSP1027 (Reduce Costs for the Managed Service for Prometheus).

Task 1. Deploy a GKE cluster

Task 2. Deploy a managed collection

Note: You will need to utilize a flag when issuing the command to create the GKE cluster in order to enable the Managed Service for Prometheus. Note: You should use the setup and operator manifest files to complete this challenge. For more information, refer to GoogleCloudPlatform/prometheus-engine.

Task 3. Deploy an example application

Note: Use the following manifest: example-app.yaml Check if prometheus has been deployed

Task 4. Filter exported metrics

  1. Add the following to operator config to filter metrics

collection: filter: matchOneOf: - '{job="prom-example"}' - '{__name__=~"job:.+"}'
  1. Create a config.yaml file

vi op-config.yaml
  1. Copy the contents of operatorconfig inside the config.yaml file

  2. Upload the config file you created to verify.

export PROJECT=$(gcloud config get-value project) gsutil mb -p $PROJECT gs://$PROJECT gsutil cp op-config.yaml gs://$PROJECT gsutil -m acl set -R -a public-read gs://$PROJECT Check if metrics filter has been applied


In this lab you have deployed Prometheus and a example application. Then you have applied a filter to the exported metrics.

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Manual Last Updated: June 13, 2022

Lab Last Tested: March 17, 2023

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