Visualizing Data with Google Data Studio Reviews

Visualizing Data with Google Data Studio Reviews

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Daniel M. · Reviewed 16 days ago

jitender g. · Reviewed 16 days ago

Guilherme n. · Reviewed 17 days ago

Spring D. · Reviewed 17 days ago

Jayant M. · Reviewed 18 days ago

omar v. · Reviewed 18 days ago

Pie Chart function doesn't work

Wei J. · Reviewed 18 days ago

Bruce G. · Reviewed 18 days ago

Aniss Z. · Reviewed 20 days ago

Rajesh Y. · Reviewed 21 days ago

farhan j. · Reviewed 21 days ago

good .. more images would have been helpful as was hard to find the add field as instructed in lab

Sagar P. · Reviewed 21 days ago

HARITHA B. · Reviewed 22 days ago

ragu v. · Reviewed 22 days ago

Some instructions requested selections that were not available.

Brittney C. · Reviewed 23 days ago

Harry S. · Reviewed 24 days ago

Ioanna Anna P. · Reviewed 24 days ago

MURTAZA S. · Reviewed 24 days ago

Lok Y. · Reviewed 25 days ago

batoul h. · Reviewed 25 days ago

Deepika S. · Reviewed 26 days ago

Ben B. · Reviewed 27 days ago

Hitesh M. · Reviewed 29 days ago

some fields pointed int eh lab are not in the cited tabs, and the mencioned "add a field" buttom doesnt exist. Plese, review ALL your labs. All of them are problematic

AndrĂ© C. · Reviewed 29 days ago

Idris I. · Reviewed about 1 month ago

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