Prisma Cloud: Securing GKE Run Time avaliações

Prisma Cloud: Securing GKE Run Time avaliações

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M Dzakwan F. · Revisado há about 10 hours

Sabba P. · Revisado há about 17 hours

Paweł Ś. · Revisado há 7 days

Paweł Ś. · Revisado há 9 days

Fábio C. · Revisado há 25 days


Mark I. · Revisado há 26 days

Vinayak B. · Revisado há 27 days

Víctor Manuel A. · Revisado há 29 days

Prasanna Bhaskaran S. · Revisado há about 1 month

Michał M. · Revisado há about 2 months

Kiran G. · Revisado há about 2 months

The Token and Key were working, Forbedin to access.

ahmed a. · Revisado há 2 months

Raqeeb I. · Revisado há 2 months

Prisma Cloud didn't show the container nodes

Hasan Z. · Revisado há 2 months

Defender access issue

Hasan Z. · Revisado há 2 months

zipped file was missing, had to exit the lab

Hasan Z. · Revisado há 2 months

All was good except that the machine for the reverse shell does not exist in the VM instances, there are only three machines but no of them work. I can change the rating after getting this fixed.

Isaias S. · Revisado há 3 months

Logged a support incident, some steps dont have the resources ready as listed on the steps.

Dharmesh V. · Revisado há 3 months

token issue

Babajide O. · Revisado há 3 months

Suresh K. · Revisado há 3 months

Adam G. · Revisado há 3 months

Doesn't work. Step 8 received the following error: student_02_934a7cc03e61@cloudshell:~/prisma_cloud_compute_edition (qwiklabs-gcp-04-67636921a013)$ kubectl create -f twistlock_console.yaml The connection to the server localhost:8080 was refused - did you specify the right host or port?

S W S. · Revisado há 3 months

great lab

Erickson Joseph S. · Revisado há 4 months

Leehan L. · Revisado há 4 months

Section: Real World Use Case: Reverse Shell The host "host-c2" is not presented and was created manually. The process for creating "host-c2" should be described or "host-c2" can be created in the initial steps automatically. Thanks

Borys S. · Revisado há 5 months

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