Prisma Cloud: Securing GKE Run Time Reviews

Prisma Cloud: Securing GKE Run Time Reviews

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M Dzakwan F. · Reviewed حوالي 5 ساعات ago

Sabba P. · Reviewed حوالي 12 ساعة ago

Paweł Ś. · Reviewed 7 أيام ago

Paweł Ś. · Reviewed 9 أيام ago

Fábio C. · Reviewed 24 يوم ago


Mark I. · Reviewed 26 يوم ago

Vinayak B. · Reviewed 26 يوم ago

Víctor Manuel A. · Reviewed 28 يوم ago

Prasanna Bhaskaran S. · Reviewed حوالي شهر واحد ago

Michał M. · Reviewed حوالي شهر واحد ago

Kiran G. · Reviewed حوالي شهران ago

The Token and Key were working, Forbedin to access.

ahmed a. · Reviewed شهران ago

Raqeeb I. · Reviewed شهران ago

Prisma Cloud didn't show the container nodes

Hasan Z. · Reviewed شهران ago

Defender access issue

Hasan Z. · Reviewed شهران ago

zipped file was missing, had to exit the lab

Hasan Z. · Reviewed شهران ago

All was good except that the machine for the reverse shell does not exist in the VM instances, there are only three machines but no of them work. I can change the rating after getting this fixed.

Isaias S. · Reviewed 3 أشهر ago

Logged a support incident, some steps dont have the resources ready as listed on the steps.

Dharmesh V. · Reviewed 3 أشهر ago

token issue

Babajide O. · Reviewed 3 أشهر ago

Suresh K. · Reviewed 3 أشهر ago

Adam G. · Reviewed 3 أشهر ago

Doesn't work. Step 8 received the following error: student_02_934a7cc03e61@cloudshell:~/prisma_cloud_compute_edition (qwiklabs-gcp-04-67636921a013)$ kubectl create -f twistlock_console.yaml The connection to the server localhost:8080 was refused - did you specify the right host or port?

S W S. · Reviewed 3 أشهر ago

great lab

Erickson Joseph S. · Reviewed 4 أشهر ago

Leehan L. · Reviewed 4 أشهر ago

Section: Real World Use Case: Reverse Shell The host "host-c2" is not presented and was created manually. The process for creating "host-c2" should be described or "host-c2" can be created in the initial steps automatically. Thanks

Borys S. · Reviewed 5 أشهر ago

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