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With 700+ learning activities to choose from, Google Cloud has designed our comprehensive catalog with you in mind. The catalog consists of a variety of activity formats for you to pick from. Choose from bite-size individual labs or multi-module courses that consist of videos, documents, labs, and quizzes. Our labs give you temporary credentials to actual cloud resources, so you can learn Google Cloud using the real thing. Earn badges for what you complete, define, track, and measure your success with Google Cloud!

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4 results

  1. Lab Featured

    Autoscaling an Instance Group with Custom Cloud Monitoring Metrics

    This lab describes how to deploy an autoscaling Compute Engine instance group that is automatically scaled using a custom Cloud monitoring metric

  2. Lab Featured

    Create an Internal Load Balancer

    In this lab, you create two managed instance groups in the same region. Then, you configure an Internal Load Balancer with the instances groups as the backends.

  3. Course Featured

    Media Rendering with Google Cloud

    This course acquaints learners with the benefits of using Google Cloud to create large-scale visual effects rendering for image and video content. These benefits include creating a rendering infrastructure on-demand in a cost-effective manner by using partner solutions or your own custom solution. The course also …

  4. Lab Featured

    Creating Cross-region Load Balancing

    This lab demonstrates how to create an HTTP(S) load balanced that forwards traffic to instances in two different regions.