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With 980+ learning activities to choose from, Google Cloud has designed our comprehensive catalog with you in mind. The catalog consists of a variety of activity formats for you to pick from. Choose from bite-size individual labs or multi-module courses that consist of videos, documents, labs, and quizzes. Our labs give you temporary credentials to actual cloud resources, so you can learn Google Cloud using the real thing. Earn badges for what you complete, define, track, and measure your success with Google Cloud!

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  1. Course Featured

    BigQuery for Data Warehousing

    Looking to build or optimize your data warehouse? Learn best practices to Extract, Transform, and Load your data into Google Cloud with BigQuery. In this series of interactive labs you will create and optimize your own data warehouse using a variety of large-scale BigQuery public datasets. BigQuery is Google's ful…

  2. Course Featured

    BigQuery for Marketing Analysts

    Want to turn your marketing data into insights and build dashboards? Bring all of your data into one place for large-scale analysis and model building. Get repeatable, scalable, and valuable insights into your data by learning how to query it and using BigQuery. BigQuery is Google's fully managed, NoOps, low cost…

  3. Course Featured

    BigQuery for Machine Learning

    Want to build ML models in minutes instead of hours using just SQL? BigQuery ML democratizes machine learning by letting data analysts create, train, evaluate, and predict with machine learning models using existing SQL tools and skills. In this series of labs, you will experiment with different model types and le…

  4. Course Featured

    Build a Data Warehouse with BigQuery

    Complete the intermediate Build a Data Warehouse with BigQuery skill badge to demonstrate skills in the following: joining data to create new tables, troubleshooting joins, appending data with unions, creating date-partitioned tables, and working with JSON, arrays, and structs in BigQuery. A skill badge is an ex…

  5. Course Featured

    Derive Insights from BigQuery Data

    Complete the introductory Derive Insights from BigQuery Data skill badge to demonstrate skills in the following: write SQL queries, query public tables, load sample data into BigQuery, troubleshoot common syntax errors with the query validator in BigQuery, and create reports in Looker Studio by connecting to BigQu…

  6. Course Featured

    Create ML Models with BigQuery ML

    Complete the intermediate Create ML Models with BigQuery ML skill badge to demonstrate skills in the following: creating and evaluating machine learning models with BigQuery ML to make data predictions. A skill badge is an exclusive digital badge issued by Google Cloud in recognition of your proficiency with Goo…

  7. Lab Featured

    Using BigQuery and Cloud Logging to Analyze BigQuery Usage

    In this lab you view the BigQuery logs inside Cloud Logging, set up a sink to export them back into BigQuery, and then use SQL to analyze the logs.

  8. Course Featured

    BigQuery Basics for Data Analysts

    Want to scale your data analysis efforts without managing database hardware? Learn the best practices for querying and getting insights from your data warehouse with this interactive series of BigQuery labs. BigQuery is Google's fully managed, NoOps, low cost analytics database. With BigQuery you can query teraby…

  9. Lab Featured

    BigQuery: Qwik Start - Console

    This lab shows you how to query public tables and load sample data into BigQuery using the Web UI. Watch the short videos Get Meaningful Insights with Google BigQuery and BigQuery: Qwik Start - Qwiklabs Preview.

  10. Lab Featured

    Getting Started with BigQuery ML

    In this lab, you learn how to use BigQuery to create a machine learning model that predicts whether a visitor will make a transaction.