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With 980+ learning activities to choose from, Google Cloud has designed our comprehensive catalog with you in mind. The catalog consists of a variety of activity formats for you to pick from. Choose from bite-size individual labs or multi-module courses that consist of videos, documents, labs, and quizzes. Our labs give you temporary credentials to actual cloud resources, so you can learn Google Cloud using the real thing. Earn badges for what you complete, define, track, and measure your success with Google Cloud!

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  1. Course Featured

    Google Cloud Solutions II: Data and Machine Learning

    In this advanced-level quest, you will learn how to harness serious Google Cloud computing power to run big data and machine learning jobs. The hands-on labs will give you use cases, and you will be tasked with implementing big data and machine learning practices utilized by Google’s very own Solutions Architectur…

  2. Course Featured

    Security & Identity Fundamentals

    Security is an uncompromising feature of Google Cloud services, and Google Cloud has developed specific tools for ensuring safety and identity across your projects. In this fundamental-level quest, you will get hands-on practice with Google Cloud’s Identity and Access Management (IAM) service, which is the go-to f…

  3. Course Featured

    Baseline: Infrastructure

    If you are a novice cloud developer looking for hands-on practice beyond Google Cloud Essentials, this quest is for you. You will get practical experience through labs that dive into Cloud Storage and other key application services like Stackdriver and Cloud Functions. By taking this quest, you will develop valuab…

  4. Course Featured

    Google Cloud Essentials

    In this introductory-level Quest, you will get hands-on practice with the Google Cloud’s fundamental tools and services. Google Cloud Essentials is the recommended first Quest for the Google Cloud learner - you will come in with little or no prior cloud knowledge, and come out with practical experience that you ca…

  5. Course Featured

    Baseline: Data, ML, AI

    Big data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence are today’s hot computing topics, but these fields are quite specialized and introductory material is hard to come by. Fortunately, Google Cloud provides user-friendly services in these areas, and with this introductory-level quest, so you can take your first…

  6. Course Featured

    Workspace: Add-ons

    This quest of hands-on labs demonstrates the power of integrating Google Cloud services and tools with Workspace applications - like using Node.js to build a survey bot, the Natural Language API to recognize sentiment in a Google Doc, and building a chat bot with Apps Script.

  7. Course Featured

    Baseline: Deploy & Develop

    In this introductory-level quest, you will learn the fundamentals of developing and deploying applications on the Google Cloud Platform. You will get hands-on experience with the Google App Engine framework by launching applications written in languages like Python, Ruby, and Java (just to name a few). You will se…

  8. Course Featured

    Cloud SQL

    Cloud SQL is a fully managed database service that stands out from its peers due to high performance, seamless integration, and impressive scalability. In this quest you will receive hands-on practice with the basics of Cloud SQL and quickly progress to advanced features, which you will apply to production framewo…

  9. Course Featured

    Exploring APIs

    Google Cloud Application Programming Interfaces are the mechanism to interact with Google Cloud Services programmatically. This quest will give you hands-on practice with a variety of GCP APIs, which you will learn through working with Google’s APIs Explorer, a tool that allows you to browse APIs and run their met…

  10. Course Featured

    NCAA® March Madness®: Bracketology with Google Cloud

    In this series of labs you will learn how to use BigQuery to analyze NCAA basketball data with SQL. Build a Machine Learning Model to predict the outcomes of NCAA March Madness basketball tournament games.