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With 700+ learning activities to choose from, Google Cloud has designed our comprehensive catalog with you in mind. The catalog consists of a variety of activity formats for you to pick from. Choose from bite-size individual labs, short quests comprising a series of labs, or multi-module courses that consist of videos, documents, labs, and quizzes. Our labs give you temporary credentials to actual cloud resources, so you can learn Google Cloud using the real thing. Earn badges for what you complete, define, track, and measure your success with Google Cloud!

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  1. Course

    API Development on Google Cloud's Apigee API Platform

    In this course, you learn how to create APIs that utilize multiple services and how you can use custom code on Apigee. You will also learn about fault handling, and how to share logic between proxies. You learn about traffic management and caching. You also create a developer portal, and publish your API to the po…

  2. Course

    Applying Machine Learning to your Data with Google Cloud

    In this course, we define what machine learning is and how it can benefit your business. You'll see a few demos of ML in action and learn key ML terms like instances, features, and labels. In the interactive labs, you will practice invoking the pretrained ML APIs available as well as build your own Machine Learnin…

  3. Course

    Smart Analytics, Machine Learning, and AI on Google Cloud

    Incorporating machine learning into data pipelines increases the ability of businesses to extract insights from their data. This course covers several ways machine learning can be included in data pipelines on Google Cloud depending on the level of customization required. For little to no customization, this cours…

  4. Course

    Preparing for the Google Cloud Professional Data Engineer Exam

    The purpose of this course is to help those who are qualified develop confidence to attempt the exam, and to help those not yet qualified to develop their own plan for preparation.

  5. Course

    Industrial IoT on Google Cloud

    Learn Industrial Internet of Things on Google Cloud

  6. Course

    Sequence Models for Time Series and Natural Language Processing on Google Cloud

    In this course, we’ll learn how to make predictions on sequences of data. We’ll cover common business use cases like- 1.time-series prediction and how to deal with more recent data points getting more relevance 2.translating entire sentences (aka sequences of words) into other languages You will get hands-on pract…

  7. Course

    Introduction to Google Workspace Administration

    Introduction to Google Workspace Administration is the first course in the Google Workspace Administration series of courses. This series will serve as the starting place for any new Google Workspace admin as they begin their journey of managing and establishing Google Workspace best practices for their organizati…

  8. Course

    Managing Google Workspace

    Managing Google Workspace is the second course in the Google Workspace Administration series. This course focuses on the Google Workspace core services such as Gmail, Calendar, and Drive & Docs. You will become familiar with the various service settings, and learn how to enable them for all or just a subset…

  9. Course

    Google Workspace Security

    Google Workspace Security is the third course in the Google Workspace Administration series. In this course you will focus on the various aspects of Google Workspace Security including user password policies and how to enable and enforce two step verification (2SV) for your users. You will learn about applicati…

  10. Course

    Google Workspace Mail Management

    Google Workspace Mail Management is the fourth course in the Google Workspace Administration series. In this course you will learn how to protect your organization against spam, spoofing, phishing and malware attacks. You will configure email compliance and learn how to implement data loss prevention (DLP) for…