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  1. Lab Featured

    Deploy, Scale, and Update Your Website on Google Kubernetes Engine

    Deploy a website to Google Kubernetes Engine, scale it out to more instances, and deploy a new version using Rolling Updates.

  2. Course Featured

    Configure Google Kubernetes Engine Networking

    This course teaches you some basic Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) networking. With written lectures, hands-on lab exercises, and quizzes, you learn how to set up services, facilitate communication, and configure secure access to your GKE applications.

  3. Lab Featured

    Google Kubernetes Engine Security: Binary Authorization

    This lab deploys a Kubernetes Engine Cluster with the Binary Authorization feature enabled; you'll learn how to whitelist approved container registries and the process of creating and running a signed container.

  4. Lab Featured

    How to Use a Network Policy on Google Kubernetes Engine

    In this lab you learn how to improve the security of your Kubernetes Engine by applying fine-grained restrictions to limit intra-cluster network communication.

  5. Course Featured

    Google Kubernetes Engine Best Practices: Security

    Get Anthos Ready. This Google Kubernetes Engine-centric quest of best practice hands-on labs focuses on security at scale when deploying and managing production GKE environments -- specifically role-based access control, hardening, VPC networking, and binary authorization.

  6. Lab Featured

    Installing Anthos Service Mesh on Google Kubernetes Engine

    In this lab you will install the Anthos Service Mesh, and use it with the Bookinfo microservices application, all on a GKE cluster.

  7. Lab Featured

    Connect to Cloud SQL from an Application in Google Kubernetes Engine

    This lab shows how easy it is to connect an application in Google Kubernetes Engine to a Cloud SQL instance using the Cloud SQL Proxy container as a sidecar container. You will deploy a GKE cluster and a Cloud SQL Postgres instance and use the Cloud SQL Proxy container to allow communication between them.

  8. Lab Featured

    Running a Containerized App on Google Kubernetes Engine

    Containers are becoming a popular way to run and scale applications across multiple cloud providers or on both cloud and on premise hardware. This lab provides a quick introduction to running a website on Google Container Engine using Docker.

  9. Lab Featured

    Understanding and Combining GKE Autoscaling Strategies

    In this lab you will explore the benefits of different Google Kubernetes Engine autoscaling strategies, like Horizontal Pod Autoscaling and Vertical Pod Autoscaling for pod-level scaling, and Cluster Autoscaler and Node Auto Provisioning for node-level scaling.

  10. Lab Featured

    Deploying GKE Autopilot Clusters

    Getting Started with Google Kubernetes Engine: Creating a GKE Autopilot Cluster via Google Cloud Console