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  1. Lab Featured

    Using BigQuery and Cloud Logging to Analyze BigQuery Usage

    In this lab you view the BigQuery logs inside Cloud Logging, set up a sink to export them back into BigQuery, and then use SQL to analyze the logs.

  2. Lab Featured

    ETL Processing on Google Cloud Using Dataflow and BigQuery (Python)

    In this lab, you build several data pipelines that ingest and transform data from a publicly available dataset into BigQuery.

  3. Course Featured

    BigQuery Basics for Data Analysts

    Want to scale your data analysis efforts without managing database hardware? Learn the best practices for querying and getting insights from your data warehouse with this interactive series of BigQuery labs. BigQuery is Google's fully managed, NoOps, low cost analytics database. With BigQuery you can query teraby…

  4. Lab Featured

    Build and Optimize Data Warehouses with BigQuery: Challenge Lab

    This challenge labs tests your skills in building and optimizing your data warehouse using BigQuery.

  5. Lab Featured

    Working with JSON, Arrays, and Structs in BigQuery

    In this lab, you work with semi-structured data (ingesting JSON, Array data types) inside of BigQuery. You practice loading, querying, troubleshooting, and unnesting various semi-structured datasets.

  6. Lab Featured

    Exploring NCAA Data with BigQuery

    Use BigQuery to explore the NCAA dataset of basketball games, teams, and players. The data covers plays from 2009 and scores from 1996. Watch How the NCAA is using Google Cloud to tap into decades of sports data.

  7. Lab Featured

    Deploy a BigQuery ML Customer Churn Classifier to Vertex AI for Online Predictions

    In this lab, you will train, tune, evaluate, explain, and generate batch and online predictions with a BigQuery ML XGBoost model. You will use a Google Analytics 4 dataset from a real mobile application, Flood it!, to determine the likelihood of users returning to the application. You will generate batch predictio…

  8. Lab Featured

    Creating Date-Partitioned Tables in BigQuery

    In this lab, you learn how to query and create partitioned tables to improve query performance and reduce resource usage.

  9. Lab Featured

    BigQuery Soccer Data Ingestion

    Get started with sports data science by importing soccer data on matches, teams, players, and match events into BigQuery tables.

  10. Course Featured

    BigQuery for Machine Learning

    Want to build ML models in minutes instead of hours using just SQL? BigQuery ML democratizes machine learning by letting data analysts create, train, evaluate, and predict with machine learning models using existing SQL tools and skills. In this series of labs, you will experiment with different model types and le…