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Frequently asked questions

What is Cloud Skills Boost?


Cloud Skills Boost is Google's platform that offers on-demand training and skill development in Google Cloud technologies.

What are Hands-on-labs?


Hands-on-labs give you direct practical experience as you learn by doing.

What is a Professional Certificate from Google?


The Google Career Certificate program is an online training program that offers professional certificates in fast-growing, high-demand technology fields. The program is designed by Google and taught by experts in the areas of IT, user experience design, project management, digital marketing & e-commerce, and more, and combines skills training with hands-on practice. In addition, job seekers receive support and practical tips for resumes, interviews, and job searches, helping them to land jobs in the technology sector.

How much do the Google Career Certificates cost?


The IT Support, User Experience Design, Project Management, Data Analytics, and Digital Marketing & E-commerce Certificates cost US$29 per month by subscription on Qwiklabs.